Company history: 

Goggo Pest Control cc Registration no 2006/025131/23 was established 4 years ago. The Closed Corporation is a small business enterprise which approach is to serve clients in the food and catering industry. Business owned by 601011 5016 084 Petrus Marthinus Bosch.


To provide effective pest control services.


Deliver an efficient cost effective domestic and industrial pest control service to clients to enable them to provide their clients with a pest free service delivery.


The following goals are essential:

  • Cost effective, efficient, professional and effective service delivery.
  • Small client base, service delivery of a high standard.
  • Loyal support to clients.
  • Support clients in the prevention of pests and proactive approach to cut on the usage of pesticides in the food industry.
  • Technical support, pest elimination, the enhancing of sanitation and safety audits to create a healthier and safer environment for all.
  • A monitoring system to ensure proper control in the surrendering of a proper service is executed in line with Hazard Analysis and Critical control Point (HACCAP) and ISO 9000 (International Quality Standards) systems.


All actions taken by Goggo Pest Control to eliminate and combat pests are executed under strict procedures to prevent any harm to the human society or any animals not targeted. All pesticides are approved, tested and recommended by the SABS and the Department of Agriculture.